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Web-DesignIn order to create an easy to navigate website that your customers are able to find, it is critical that we understand your business, your passion, your goals, and your desires.  What do you want to acheive by creating a website?  Why is developing a web presence important to your local business?


10 Steps to Your Website

A typical website build takes approximately 6-8 weeks and includes the following:

1. A FREE 15 Minute Consultation - The initial consultation will include a discussion on your needs, goals and objectives.  This will clarify the possibility of working together on a new website.

2. Contract Signing - I use Docracy.com, a digital contract service for all my contract needs.  I want to be totally up front on how we will work together so you can be effective in your online marketing.

3. Phone or Skype Interview - This step in the process typically takes between 1-2 hours of time and will focus more specifically on your campground goals, objectives, target audience, strengths, weaknesses and more.

4. Creation and Implementation of Website Structure - When we reach this step it begins to look a lot like a tennis match.  I will take results from the questionnaire and begin creating a site architecture that provides easy navigation for your website visitors.

5. Creation and Implementation of Website Content including Photos - Once the website structure is created and accepted I will work with you to create content that is specific to your objective and target market.  This is where the process gets to be a lot of fun as you begin to get excited about the end results.  Photos will be prepped as well during this step of the process.

6. Website Build - The website copy and photos will then be added to the Joomla Content Management System into the pre-approved website structure. Additionally, important content will be added to the home page in order to capture and keep your website visitors.

7. Creation of and Integration of Social Media Accounts - A decision will be made on what social media accounts you as a small business owner want to integrate in your website.  Many times you will adopt what you are used to and are currently using.  I'll also present some additionally ideas that are simple and will have a profound search optimization benefit.

8. Submission to Online Directories - Ensuring that your information is accurate online allows Google and other Search Engines to know for sure that your information is correct.  I will document current directories that your small business is listed in as well as submit to relevant directories that you are missing from.

9. Training - I don't want your website to be static nor do I want you to have to spend countless hours updating your website.  I'll work with you to not only create a content calendar that you can in some cases automate but also teach you how to update simple text and add a weekly or monthly blog or video.

10. Ongoing Analytics and Reports - Weekly Reports from Google Analytics will keep you up-to-date about your website traffic including but not limited to site visitors, how they found your website and how long they stayed.




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