Frequently Asked Questions:

May I pay by Credit Card?

  • Yes, we accept all major credit cards.


How long does it take to build a Website?

  • This is totally dependent on the scope of your project.


Who owns my domain name?

  • Time and time again I have heard of small businesses wasting valuable and precious time attempting to obtain their domain name back from their web developer.  No worries at all.  I can register your domain name on your behalf but rest assured, YOU own the domain.


Are results guaranteed?

  • Every effort is made to ensure that you are located on or above the Google Map when searching geograhpically on Google. Although not guaranteed, results are determined by a variety of factors and my experience is that when a small business owner follows through on the tips and uses the tools given, the results will follow.


What are the Ongoing Charges

  • Maintenance / Hosting Fee of $55 + HST per month.


I currently only pay $8 for hosting why is your fee $55?

  • This is typically the biggest hurdle for most small businesses.  Today's dynamic website cannot be created and left.  Just as you update and backup your computer you need to be doing this with your website.  Your monthly site maintenance / hosting fees include regular site backups, software and component updates, and database optimization.


May I host my website with my present hosting company?

  • I highly recommend hosting your website through Rochen Hosting.  They are optimized for Content Management Systems, provide excellent support if there is a problem that arises and complete daily backups of the full website and database.  For added protection, FT Web Solutions also completes daily backups of your website which are downloaded to a third party site (i.e. Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox)


What are your hidden costs?

  • I seek to be up front about all costs associated with a website build.  I am more than willing to provide you with a list of current clients that you can call and ask about their experience working with my process.


Do you provide photos for my Campground Website?

  • In each case so far I have had the opportunity to visit the campgrounds that I have helped market.  As a result, my family and I have enjoyed a stay at each campground while we learn about the area and have the opportunity to take photos.  This website is a sampling of some of the photos that I've enjoyed taking.  Photos can obviously make or break a website.  I encourage you to NOT use stock images for promoting your campground.  If I am not available to take photos, I encourage you to seek out someone who has an ability to capture your Campground in images.