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8 Important Elements of a Campground Website

8 Important Elements of a Campground Website
1. Easy to Navigate - Our goal in creating your website is to have visitors find your pricing, location and things to do in the area within 3 easy clicks.  This will be accomplished through the main menu, strategically placed modules as well as multiple internal links. 2. Keyword Rich...
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Ep. 14 - The Importance of Your Domain Name for Your Campground

Scott, Cory & Steve discuss the importance of domain names for your Campground or RV Park.  The discussion began as a result of  people having their website hosted on Wix or WordPress websites.  Simply put we strongly suggest you have your domain be www.yourcampground.com rather than yourcampground.wordpress.com or yourcampground...
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Ep 15 - Should You Guarantee a Specific Campsite?

Scott, Cory and I decided to discuss this question as I watched Scott get a little animated when the topic came up on whether you should guarantee a specific campsite for someone's stay.   Join Us on the RV & Campground Idea Forum - Google+
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Ep. 14 - How to Price Your Campsites & Services

​Scott, Corey & Steve talk about how to price your campsites and services.  We know that every campground or RV Park is different but our hope is we can learn together and avoid making some pricing mistakes. Join Us on the RV & Campground Idea Forum - Google+
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Ep. 12 - Print Material for Your RV Park & Campground

Today we spoke about Email and your Campground or RV Park.  We touched on topics like where you host your email as well as tips on how to ensure that you are effective in your email communication. Join Us on the RV & Campground Idea Forum - Google+
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Campground Directory Listings: What to Avoid

Campground Directory Listings: What to Avoid
As a Campground Owner, you may be tempted to purchase a directory listing service in the belief that the more directories in which your campground is listed in will provide more opportunites for you to be found online.  DON'T. This is only partly true.  They key is ensuring that your websi...
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Ep. 8 - Website Security for your Campground or RV Park

Scott and Steve talk about 3 Steps on reducing the risk of having your website compromised by a hacker. Since this episode I have been getting a growing number of  inquiries  ​after ​ a campground's website has been hacked. Simply put, at a minimum, please make sure you have a firewall on your website, your website is being backed up to a...
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Ep. 7 - Email Anlaytics and What You Can Learn

In this episode of the Campground and Idea Forum.Scott, Pamela and I take a look at Email Analytics and the importance of using them. What can we learn about open rates, click rates, bounce raters, seasonal shifts that might occur and potential ways of improving our open rates. We also discuss ways of capturing email addresses. Join Us on the RV &a...
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