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Web Hosting Recommendation - Rochen


Sometimes we learn the hard way when it comes to website hosting. We select the best marketed company with the flashy website and TV ads as well as celebrity endorsements only to find the result disappointing. All website hosting companies are not created equally. Since 2007, I have used Netfirms, GoDaddy and Bluehost for clients with at best disappointing results. Here are some of the issues that I have experienced:

  • Netfirms - Poor support, wrong DNS configurations and extremely slow loading times. Now with that being said, I haven't hosted a website with Netfirms since the early 2010's. However, I suspect that they are jamming their servers with as many websites as they can which will in turn hurt your performance.
  • GoDaddy - Slow, very slow servers. Because they allow as many websites as they can on a server your traffic can tank. I find the backend also to be difficult to navigate. Yes, this may be me but I like things straight forward and simple.
  • Bluehost - Two issues I have come across are the slow adoption and updating to the latest PHP and the inability to run remote backups to a remote location. I have lost so much time having to manually back-up the client's website. Secondly, for months I waited for them to update from PHP 7.1 to 7.2 even after the PHP version was placed in maintenance mode.

Rochen Hosting - 5 Stars 

Since 2010 I have been using Rochen (pronounced Rockin) Hosting Here is what I like about Rochen:

Support - 5 Stars - Response time via ticket is 99% of the time less than 15 minutes. I know that things are going to be looked after. This is a team that backs me up. Over the years, I see the same team respond to my support requests. People like Jeremy, Billy, and Sunil. The same support staff for years!

To me this communicates so many things:

  • A great work culture which translates into a team approach to solving problems.
  • They take pride in their work
  • "Our Strength is Our People"
  • I never feel like I am a bother even with little issues that come up.

Excellent Support Can be Fun: 
A Little Humour Along the Way

Some of the Reasons I Have Contacted Rochen Hosting 

Why have I contacted them:* Database Issues* [Take screen shot]

Other BenefitsApplication Optimized - Rochen's web hosting solutions are optimally configured for many popular applications.
Rochen's Mission -All of Rochen's solutions are built on top of our own fully owned and managed infrastructure and benefit from features like built-in high availability with automatic server failover, managed backups and 24/7 technical support.
Server Failover - Automatic server failover means sites are never at the mercy of a single server.
Daily Backups - Sites are backed up everyday to a secure remote location.
Application Optimized - Automatic installation and optimizations for WordPress, Joomla and Drupal sites.

Yes this is a referral link:* Highly recommended.

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