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Should My Campground use Google+?

Should My Campground use Google+?

Google+ has been in the news lots lately.  Some think it is dead a a social platform.  I disagree.  I've spent the year learning and using Google+ which included becoming a Local Google Business Consultant through Plus My Business.  I've also had the opportunity to speak at 5 Camping in Ontario (Ontario Private Campground Association) meetings on claiming your Local Google Business Page.  I'm thoroughly impressed with Google+ and the ability to connect with like-minded people.  The potential is great for small businesses but it is relatively an untapped source of potential connection with customers.  

As a Campground Owner, you may be asking, "is it worth it to be on Google+?"  I wholeheartedly say yes.  As I oversee a campground social media for my brother-in-law, I'm encouraged by the results that I'm seeing by being present on Google+.

A Case for Google+ and your Campground

  • 2300+ visits to the website through the Google+ Page
  • 794+ requests for driving directions
  • 100+ phone calls from the page

Google+ Analytics

Your presence on the web is not just your website.  Your presence involves your website, social media channels as well as the reviews you are receiving.  Please don't neglect Google+.  It will open up a whole other avenue to attracting new campers to your RV Park or Campground. 

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