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Ep. 5 - Email Options for Your Campground or RV Park

Today we spoke about Email and your Campground or RV Park.  We touched on topics like where you host your email as well as tips on how to ensure that you are effective in your email communication. Join Us on the RV & Campground Idea Forum - Google+

Ep. 4 - Customer Service and Your RV Park & Campground

I'm joined in this episode by Scott Krupa from RV with Me.  We're speaking about  Customer Service and your Park. Here are more details on our 15 minute discussion: First Contact Office Transition Check-In Quality Checks Departure  Join Us on the RV & Campground Idea Forum - Google+

Ep. 3 - 5 Off-Season Offline Marketing Ideas for RV & Campground Owners

Today, Scott from RVwithMe.com and me, Steve, discuss 5 Off-Season OFFLINE Marketing Ideas to help you achieve your marketing goals. Join Us on the RV & Campground Idea Forum - Google+

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