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Forward Thinking Web Solutions is about helping you ATTRACT, CONNECT and KEEP your customers through using online tools. The purpose of this blog is to help provide ideas for being effective online and using your time and money wisely.

Ep. 10 - Social Media Tools for Your RV Park or Campground

Scott, Cory and Steve speak about their favorite social media tools. Why they like them and how they use them.

Ep. 8 - Website Security for your Campground or RV Park

Scott and Steve talk about 3 Steps on reducing the risk of having your website compromised by a hacker.Since this episode I have been getting a growing number of  inquiries ​after​ a campground's website has been hacked. Simply put, at a minimum, please make sure you have a firewall on your website, your website is being backed up to an e...
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3 Ways to Improve Your Google Search Position

3 Ways to Improve Your Google Search Position
Changes by Google in their search algorithm can play havoc on your campground visibility and Google search position. These changes are due to Google's constant tweaking of their search algorithm combined with their pursuit of the perfect user experience. Recent changes include how searches like "Campgrounds near Guelph" are displayed. Google will '...
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Ep. 7 - Email Anlaytics and What You Can Learn

In this episode of the Campground and Idea Forum.Scott, Pamela and I take a look at Email Analytics and the importance of using them. What can we learn about open rates, click rates, bounce raters, seasonal shifts that might occur and potential ways of improving our open rates. We also discuss ways of capturing email addresses.

Ep. 6 - Email Marketing and Your Campground or RV Park

Email is NOT dead.  In fact, email can be an effective marketing tools for your campground or RV Park. In today's Hangout on Air, Scott, Pamela and Steve we discuss Email Marketing.  We spent a few minutes talking about  what we enjoy about Mailchimp and some of the advantages. Join us for our weekly 15 minute hangout ...
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Ep. 5 - Email Options for Your Campground or RV Park

Today we spoke about Email and your Campground or RV Park.  We touched on topics like where you host your email as well as tips on how to ensure that you are effective in your email communication.

Ep. 4 - Customer Service and Your RV Park & Campground

I'm joined in this episode by Scott Krupa from RV with Me.  We're speaking about  Customer Service and your Park.Here are more details on our 15 minute discussion:First Contact Office Transition Check-In Quality Checks Departure 

Ep. 3 - 5 Off-Season Offline Marketing Ideas for RV & Campground Owners

Today, Scott from and me, Steve, discuss 5 Off-Season OFFLINE Marketing Ideas to help you achieve your marketing goals.