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My Search for a New Task List Manager


 I use my task list as my boss each day. I like to see my progress from morning to night, from waking to falling asleep. For years the best tool for me was Office 365's desktop version of Outlook. Here are the features I liked:

  • the ability to drag emails straight to a task or calendar
  • the ability to create a task pane on the right of my email allowing me to save flipping between screens
  • the ability to create recurring tasks easily.

I recently plunged into the world of the MacBook Pro. I love the speed of the Mac as well as the ability to integrate my iPhone and iPad with ease. In many ways this change from PC to Mac has been an extremely beneficial one. For the most part, the transition was quite seamless. I did however, have to jump a few set-up hurdles. The final hurdle however, was unsolvable … to-date … unfortunately.


My MacBook Pro Problem with Tasks in Outlook 365 

Here is my attempt to find a solution to the following problem: Recurring Tasks Appear with Wrong Date - MacBook

If you are reading this post and experiencing the same issue, you are NOT alone. I will say this, Anna from the Microsoft Community was very thorough in trying to solve this problem with me. In my research this issue dates back to at least 2017. Obviously a solution is not just around the corner.

Here is what I like about ToDoist 

  • Seamless sync between my devices: iPhone, iPad and MacBook
  • the ability to tag, priortize the tasks
  • the ease at which you can set up recurring tasks
  • if I miss completing tasks on a given day, I am able to reschedule all the missed tasks with one click.
  • the ability to create sub-tasks on a project
  • there is absolutely no lag-time on the sync.

The FREE version is quite powerful BUT I decided on the Premium version of ToDoist. 

Why I chose the Pro Version of ToDoist

  • I would love to still be able to use Office 365 since I am paying for it but I was losing too much time trying to solve my problems. In my opinion, my ToDoist subscription allows me to:
    • email into my tasks list.
    • supports the developers. I want this to be around for a long time.

One unfortunate thing I found is that there is not an Add-On available for Office 365 on Mac. If you are PC user, you are in luck and can find the Office 365 Add-On to help you on your path to improved productivity.

If you find this helpful and do decide on the Premium Version of ToDoist I would appreciate you using the referral link: 

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