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One Important Tip to Protect Yourself from SEO Scams

One Important Tip to Protect Yourself from SEO Scams

I get angry when small businesses are taken advantage of. For the last several days I've been working with one of my campground clients who apparently signed up for some type of SEO service that guarantees a first place listing in Google.  What they don't tell you is that it is for your Campground name and your Campground + Location.  Don't fall for this SEO scam.  Don't give them your credit card number.  If your website can't rank #1 on Google for your Campground Name, you have serious problems.  Start by investing in a new website.

*NOTE: The Client called the Credit Card Company within an hour of the "contract" and had the charges reversed.  Here's hoping that this solved the problem.

6 Steps to Help Improve Your Campground Website

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