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How to Change/Remove Instagram Category?

How to change or remove an instagram category

Many of my clients manage their own instagram account.  If you are also doing this on your own you will notice subtle changes to your account from time to time.  In this particular case my client contacted me because a business category had been added to their listing as well as their Google Listing.  This business category was incorrect on both accounts. I manually removed the additional category on the Google Listing and will monitor the situation since it may show up again. I suspect that both Google and Instagram were picking up signals from another online source that indicated the wrong category.

Prior to the correction, a hyperlinked business category had been added to the profile.  It has now been removed.

Changing or Removing Your Instagram Category:

Here are two helpful resources with instructions on how to correct your listing on instagram:

Important Note: 

  • When making changes some features are not available or not available on your mobile device therefore you will need to use your desktop.  

I hope this helps save you some time in troubleshooting.

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