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Don't Give Up: You Can Make Twitter Work

Don't Give Up: You Can Make Twitter Work

 “Studies show that 60% of people who try Twitter quit after the 1st week.” Mark W. Schaefer (@markwschaefer)

I love being on Twitter! Daily, I enjoy learning, interacting, meeting new people and sharing with others on the micro-blogging social media platform.  I strongly believe that as a campground owner, Twitter is a powerful tool for reaching new campers and a tool you MUST incorporate into your marketing efforts.

Consider these facts about Twitter and then decide if Twitter is worth it.

  • Three out of every 4 people say they feel more confident in a small business after following and reading their tweets, and 8 out 10 people say they feel more connected to a small business after following them. 
  • Even more impressive are the 80% of people who are more likely to take action after reading a Tweet than through any other means of marketing – your website, a direct email or ad mail from your business. 
  • Source:

To help you avoid being part of the 60% who try Twitter and then quit within the 1stweek, I want to set your expectations by giving you 3 Barriers you need to overcome.  Although I wrote this for Campground Owners, the expectations apply to anyone tackling Twitter in the first weeks.

1) The Barrier of the Learning Curve- As with anything new there is a learning curve.  Learning takes time, energy and practice. Remember the first time you stuck a marshmallow in a fire? Did you get the desired result? Of course not. You learned by trial and error or a marshmallow mentor instructed you on the proper approach.  In the same way, there a skills that need to be acquired to achieve results on Twitter.  

Takeaway: In the off season, read Mark Schaefer’s Book theTao of Twitter,2ndEdition( and begin applying his Beginner Steps.

2) The Barrier of Inferiority – “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent” (Eleanor Roosevelt). Immediately banish the idea that no one will follow you. As you become ‘authentically helpful’ and provide value to potential guests to your campground through your tweets, the follows will come. You’re running a campground and you’re good at what you do. Don’t forget this truth.

Takeaway: Begin sharing photos of your campground, camping tips, camping recipes as you bring value to your followers. By providing consistent information, insight and helpful tools that encourage and support your camper’s dreams you’ll begin to develop a stronger presence.

3) The Barrier of Impatience– We’re an impatient society and we want instant results and so when we don’t see people following us quickly we want to give up. Don’t! Expectations are everything. Consider how long it takes to cook a meal using a Dutch Oven nestled in the coals of a hot fire and then consider the end result (or at least envision what it should look likeJ).  Hopefully you ended up with a tasty, mouth-watering meal.  Quality online person-to-person connections and quality cooking results take time!  You will not find instant success on Twitter so don’t expect it.

Takeaway: Be Patient.  Until you reach a following of 200+ you may find the platform boring.  Don’t give up! It will begin to come together.

Expectations are everything.  If you’re not already on Twitter I want to personally invite you to start your new journey. If you already have an account but it has sat dormant I hope I’ve motivated you to give it another chance. I hope to see you online!

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