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Case Study: Bass Lake Park

Case Study: Bass Lake Park

With over 44,000 pageviews in a 6 month period, the Bass Lake Park Website was a Key to filling the Campground during the summer of 2013.

Bass Lake Park - Campground


I was contacted by Wayne and Christy shortly after they purchased Bass Lake Park.  They orginially had planned to keep a website that they had created but the website was not driving traffic to their campground and time was running out for filling the campground for the summer of 2011.  As a result, I was contacted in May of 2011 through a connectiong that they had through Mountain Trout Camp.  Within a few short weeks I had the website up and running with easy navigation and optimized to be found through searches on Google. 

Key Parts on Websites

  • Responsive Template - a flexible design that makes it easier to see on various screen sizes.
  • Easy navigation - help visitors find the information that they want as quickly as possible.
  • YouTube Video - introduced site visitors to the benefits of Camping at Bass Lake Park
  • New Photos - photos were updated and shared not only on the website but also on Flickr account.
  • Offsite Website Optimization - links from key online directories were submitted so that added advertising costs were not needed (ie. Google Adwords)
  • Onsite Optimization - Two challenges I needed to overcome were 1) the word campground is not in the name of the park but a search term that visitors would use to find the Campground, and 2) There are several campgrounds and lakes using the name Bass Lake.

Key Results - April 1-September 30, 2013

  • Over 44,000 Pageviews
  • Just short of 10,000 Unique Visitors to the website
  • Located on the Page 1 of Google Search Results for several keyword phrases.

Analytics from April 1-September 30, 2013

As you look at the trends for the 6 month period, you'll see the ebb and flow of the visits during the key camping season.  Of particular interest is the week prior to a long weekend.



Before and After Photos

This is what the Bass Lake Park Website prior to the launch of the new website


Screenshot Capatures - October 2013


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