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Case Study: Trillium Woods Campground

Case Study: Trillium Woods Campground

Imagine letting your campground website do your marketing work for you, saving you money on your advertising needs as Trillium Woods Campground in Oliphant, Ontario has done.

Trillium Woods Campground - Campground


I was contacted by Robin and DeLeigh Lawrence shortly after the 2012 Camping in Ontario Convention as a result of a conversation with the owners of Mountain Trout Camp and Bass Lake Park.  As new owner's they were in need of a stronger online presence that would attract and connect a new group of campers.  During an 8 week period, the campground's new online presence was created to organically and naturally attract visitors.  The strategy involved a new website, on-site and off-site optimization and a growing connection through social media.  Through the tools provided the owners continue to provide helpful content to their website visitors.

Marketing Challenge:

Attract a younger target market and increase visitors to the campground.

Key Parts on Websites

  • Social Media - the owners are using Facebook to share info and interact with current campers as well as the target market they are seeking to attract; Slideshare used for posting info about individual campsites as well as cabins and bunkies
  • Responsive Template - a flexible design that makes it easier to see on various screen sizes.
  • Easy navigation - help visitors find the information that they want as quickly as possible.
  • New Photos - regular posting of photos using their smartphone
  • Offsite Website Optimization - links from key online directories were submitted so that additional online advertising costs were not needed (ie. Google Adwords) to drive traffic to the website.
  • RSS Feed - A feed from the Explore the Bruce Tourism Agency allows quick easy access to area events and things to do.
  • Blogging - The Campground Owner's regularily update their website by sharing information about their campground and their love of the area.
  • E-mail Marketing - a bi-monthly email sent to current campers as well as those who have sought to obtain information from the campground

Key Results

  • Visitor Increase - 6,500 Unique Website Visitors from April 1-September 30, 2013
  • Pageview Increase - Over 38,000 Pageviews during the same time period
  • Campsite Demand Increasing - resulting in long-term transient campers unable to book campsites
  • Flickr - received a booking directly as a result of photos being shared through Flickr social media sharing site that show up immediately on website
  • Improved Search Engine Results - campground on 1st page of Google when searching for multiple keyword phrases and terms.


Analytics from April 1-September 30, 2013

As you look at the trends for the 6 month period, you'll see the ebb and flow of the visits during the key camping season.  Of particular interest is the week prior to a long weekend.




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Case Study: Mountain Trout Camp

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