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8 Important Elements of a Campground Website

8 Important Elements of a Campground Website

1. Easy to Navigate - Our goal in creating your website is to have visitors find your pricing, location and things to do in the area within 3 easy clicks.  This will be accomplished through the main menu, strategically placed modules as well as multiple internal links.

2. Keyword Rich - Each page of your website is designed with great thought to ensure that you are indexed for your preferred keyword and keyword phrases. Since many of your campground customers begin their camping process online, usually by using a search engine, finding yourself on the first page of search results is critical.

3. Quality Information - Additionally, every page of your website should have well written and timely information for your campground visitors.  Campground Rates, Location and Things to Do in the Area are a must to providing a quality experience for your campground visitors.

4. Visually Appealing - There are many ways to accomplish this task for your website.  One is to ensure that you have sharp, clear, recent photos captured by a capable photography.  Additionally, integrating photos snapped from your Smartphone is another way that is effective and shows that you are actively involved in sharing camping life.

5. Social Media Integration -  Having your campground guests interact with you on social media is critical to your search engine results.  Steps will be taken to help integrate social media tools into your website.  A discussion on the pros and cons of widgets and modules will be discussed.

6. Frequently Asked Questions - What are the typical questions that most visitors ask?  Simply having a page that answers these questions can effectively qualify your leads.

7. Pinterest Feed - I'm providing my clients with 2 FREE Pinterest Boards for their website.  I typically recommend using the Camping Tips and the Camping Recipes board.  By providing helpful information that enhances their camping experience, you are able to gain an advantage over your competitors.

8. Email Marketing - You may think that email marketing is dead.  According to - (Link no longer available) , "Email is effective because it’s permission-based. The people on your email list have given you the go-ahead to send them messages. They’re bought in. And, with the prevalence of smartphones and tablets, they’re always listening. In fact, email is the number-one activity for people on their phones."  Your contact form will be integrated with Mailchimp allowing you to build an email list with those who are most interested in your campground.

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