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6 Steps to Help Improve Your Campground Website

6 Steps to Help Improve Your Campground Website

1. Review Current Analytics Data - If you currently have an analytics program like Google Analytics installed on your website you have a head start.  Login into your Google Analytics account and mine the data that you currently have. See how visitors are finding your website, how long they are staying, what pages they are visiting, as well as what FAQs they are asking. 

  • Takeaway: If you haven't yet done so, prepare and customize reports and have them emailed to you on a weekly basis over the course of the year.  This will save you both time and money and additionally, will help you address your online advertising ROI .


2. Analyze Website Menu System - After reviewing your analytics, review the menu structure of your website.  Are your most visited pages easy to locate through the menu system?  Do your visitors have to click more than 3 times to find the information that they want?

Takeaway: Easy website navigation is like being greeted with a smile at a local business.


3. Analyze Home Page - Are the most frequented pages worthy of a module, slide or image to grab the attention of site visitors on your home page?  Is your website looking tired and old rather than fresh and alive?

  • Takeaway: Prepare a website review questionnaire and then solicit the opinion of 5-10 individuals outside your campground.  Have different age groups review your site allowing you a balanced critique.


4. Update Your Content - Based upon the results of your analytics traffic, what keywords do you need to do a better job of targeting in the next 12 months.  Is there a an age group that you would like to target?  Is the website copyright date accurate?

  • Takeaway: A current website shows you care about your product. Review each page of your website and have each page search engine optimized for your target audience.


5. Update Your Photos - They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  What do your website pictures say about your campground?

  • Takeaway: Here is a great opportunity to involve your seasonal and transient campers and at the same time showcase, celebrate and market the talents of others.  You no doubt have some professional photographers that would love to have the added "exposure."


6. Start Blogging:  Did you know that business that blog see 65% more traffic than those that do not?  What steps are you taking to add relevant and helpful content to your website.

  • Takeaway: Websites are easier than ever to update on your own.  You can take control of your own content and enhance your user's experience. What steps are you going to take to provide content to you website in 2015?

This is in no way a comprehensive list of steps but I trust that it helps you brainstorm so additional ideas for your campground website improvement.


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